Farmers' Almanac predicts 'polar coaster winter' for 2020
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The Farmers’ Almanac on Monday predicted the upcoming 2020 winter will be a “polar coaster” with low temperatures and snowfall across most of the county.

The Almanac describes the upcoming winter as "freezing, frigid, and frosty," following a similarly cold 2019 winter. 

The coldest temperatures will come in late January, especially in the Northern Plains into the Great Lakes, with temperatures possibly dropping to negative 40 degrees, the group predicts. 


The Almanac also forecasts “above-normal” winter precipitation along the east coast, the Great Plains, the Midwest and the Great Lakes. In the Northeast, the Almanac warns of a “wintry mix” of rain and sleet, as well as a “good amount of snow.” 

A milder winter is forecasted for the western-third of the country, with the Almanac predicting more typical precipitation and temperatures.