Opera union investigating allegations against Placido Domingo: report
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The union representing opera singers and performers is reportedly investigating star Plácido Domingo following allegations of sexual assault by multiple women. 

The American Guild of Musical Arts (AMGA) told members about the investigation in an email Friday night, according to The Associated Press. 

In the email, the guild said it asked companies employing Domingo to investigate the allegations but said the companies “have been unwilling or unable to provide AGMA with sufficient assurances about the scope and timing of their investigations, as well as whether or not the findings will be publicly disclosed or otherwise made available to the union," according to the AP. 


The investigation will reportedly be conducted by criminal defense attorney J. Bruce Maffeo. 

In August, the AP published a report including allegations from nine women who said Domingo sexually assaulted them. 

In a statement after that report,  Domingo said in a statement to the news service that he believed his actions “were always welcomed and consensual.” 

The news service published a second report last week that included 11 additional women alleging the star assaulted them. 

Domingo's spokeswoman denied the new allegations in a statement to the AP, calling them "riddled with inconsistencies."

The reports describe an alleged culture of women fearing for retribution for reporting the abuse, as well as staff members shielding young women from being in situations in which they would be left alone with Domingo. 

The Los Angeles Opera said it hired an outside investigator to determine what action, if any, the company should take against Domingo, who serves as its general manager. 

Washington National Opera said in a statement it was "disturbed and disheartened" by the allegations but did not say if it planned to investigate the claims, according to the AP.