A Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaJulián Castro: 'Everybody knows that the President acts like a white supremacist' Ex-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel joins ABC News as contributor Daily Mail: Ex-British ambassador said Trump left Iran deal to spite Obama MORE campaign memo playing down Florida and Ohio is wrong, while Sen. Russ Feingold's questions about the Pentagon is right, the liberal bloggers write. The Obama memo makes the case for the senator's electability without including the two disputed states among those he will perform well in. The memo may not play well among superdelegates swayed by traditional electability arguments, writes Todd Beeton. Feingold sent a letter to the General Accounting Office asking whether the Pentagon's coordination of generals' talking points in the lead-up to the Iraq war was illegal, notes Josh Orton. Feingold has already done more than most media outlets that have yet to follow up on the story, he writes.