The wheels come off the Cain train
Jennifer Rubin at Right Turn says Herman Cain has lost all credibility, and that it’s only a matter of time before his campaign folds.

The Cain campaign's irresponsible and false accusation
Josh Kraushaar at the National Journal is not happy with Mark Block for his false allegation against him.

Journalistic ethics in the Herman Cain scandal
Carl Cannon at Real Clear Politics argues that the media attention on Herman Cain is fair because anyone seeking to be in the White House deserves this kind of scrutiny.

The GOP has poisoned its brand
Steve Kornacki at Salon reviews the fallout from Tuesday’s special elections.


Norquist not removing names from his pledge
Russell Berman and Bernie Becker at The Hill report that Grover Norquist won’t remove the names of those congressional members that have disavowed his pledge.

Cain chief of staff under fire
Cameron Joseph at The Hill reports on the growing calls for Cain’s campaign manager to step aside.