Romney’s message for Ohio: Stop Obama
Brietbart’s Joel Pollak explains how the simple Republican message “stop Obama” will resonate with Ohio voters.

How Obama is cutting wasteful spending on contractors
Think Progress’s Zack Beauchamp shows how the government has been cutting wasteful contractor spending in response to Republican attack.

New Obama ad: Still more on Mitt Romney’s supposed tax sketchiness
Hot Air’s Erika Johnsen questions the legibility of the new Obama ad in response to the release of Mitt Romney’s tax records.

What does Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘Big Stick’ line really mean, anyway?

The Atlantic’s Brian Fung outlines how Mitt Romney misused the famous "big stick" proverb.


Romney campaign to change message
Mitt Romney’s campaign is moving from criticizing President Obama’s record, The Hill’s Justin Sink reports.

Jewish Democrats warn Netanyahu to stay out of US presidential election
President Obama’s decision to not meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is supported by top Jewish Democrats, The Hill’s Julian Pecquet reports.