Pop goes the nanny state
Cato's Walter Olson explains a New York trial judge's decision to strike down Mayor Bloomberg's controversial soda ban.

San Antonio mayor prioritizes closing skills gap
Mark D'Alessio of The Chamber Post applauds Mayor Julian Castro for his economic focus.

How to weaken the economy
Victor Davis Hansen at PJ Media
examines the headwinds.

Pass the potato
Jed Lewison for Daily Kos chases Republican leaders who are giving media the run-around on answers about a potential deficit deal.


Website claims to have hacked first lady's financial records
The Hill's Jonathan Easley and Brendan Sasso report on the potential hacking, which apparently targeted a number of high level government officials.

Copy Clinton on guns, Feinstein tells Obama
The California Senator is hoping the president will take a more active role in pushing legislation, The Hill's Alexander Bolton reports.