A banner day for gay marriage on the right

Right Turn's Jennifer Rubin looks into the positive reaction to a CPAC panel on gay marriage and rights.

Ted Cruz trolls Diane Feinstein, gets smacked down

Karoli of Crooks and Liars thinks Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) attempts to provoke some of his colleagues are beginning to cross a line.

Thank God for Pope Francis -  and budget gridlock

Reason magazine pokes fun at Congress's inability to make a decision.

Does the GOP need a DLC?

Seth Masket at Mischiefs of Faction wonders whether the Republican Party needs its own version of the Democratic Leadership Council?


McConnell decries 'crybaby caucus,' tells conservatives they must unify

The Hill's Alexander Bolton and Alexandra Jaffe report on the Kentucky Senator's Conservative Political Action Conference speech.

Obama cracks joke about sequester

On Friday, speaking to a crowd at Argonne Labs in Illinois, President Obama joked that he thought the sequester meant they “had to get rid of chairs,” according to The Hill's Amie Parnes.