John Boehner's coming Sharknado
Daily Intel's Jonathan Chait compares the looming disasters in the House of Representatives to the popular television movie.

Carney dismisses Obama's past nuclear option opposition
The Corner's Andrew Johnson highlights when President Obama argued against reforming the Senate rules.

George Zimmerman should not have been charged
Investor's Business Daily's Ann Coulter says the Zimmerman murder trial is this year's Duke lacrosse case.

Republicans out of touch on immigration
Daily Kos's Jed Lewison says GOP lawmakers have no idea how outside the mainstream they are on the issue.


New rules require Justice Department to report on journalist subpoenas
The new guidelines require the DOJ to notify news organizations about any subpoena pertained to reporting by their employees, The Hill's Jordy Yager reports.

Obama administration calls on Egyptian military to release Morsi
The deposed president has been held for the past week in a "safe place," according to the Egyptian military, The Hill's Julian Pecquet reports.