With President-elect Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaDemocrats make final plea for voting rights ahead of filibuster showdown Biden nominates Jane Hartley as ambassador to UK To boost economy and midterm outlook, Democrats must pass clean energy bill MORE's transition team set to release its report this week on staff contacts with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojecivh (D), bloggers try to sift through conflicting news accounts of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's involvement. The announcement that Vice President-elect Joe Biden will head a task force on working families, meanwhile, is hailed by liberals.

A news report from ABC's George Stephanopoulos that, according to sources, Obama's team will reveal that Emanuel had just one conversation with Blagojevich doesn't match up with a Chicago Sun-Times report of 21 Emanuel/Blagojevich contacts, Ed Morrissey writes at Hot Air. The transition team will have zero credibility if it discloses just one conversation between Emanuel and the governor, MacRanger asserts at MacsMind, while Political Animal's Steve Benen says Stephanopoulos's reporting is a sign that Emanuel will be absolved.

It's good to see that the new administration will focus on middle- and working-class Americans more than the last one did, Mattthew Yglesias writes after today's announcement. Biden's new role is particularly good news for labor, Tim Fernholz suggests at TAPPED, predicting Biden and his new task force will be instrumental in pushing Congress to pass the union-backed Employee Free Choice Act.

Vice President Dick Cheney, meanwhile, earns praise from the right and criticism from the left after confirming that he used an expletive to tell Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) what to do to himself in 2004. Leahy appears to be physically incapable of regret, Firedoglake's Blue Texan asserts after Cheney told "Fox News Sunday" that he thought Leahy deserved it at the time. Riehl World View's Dan Riehl, however, calls Cheney's attitude "great stuff" and says a Cheney vs. Obama presidential race would have been an entertaining matchup.

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