One reason to be skeptical of the praise heaped upon President-elect Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaObama says US 'desperately needs' Biden legislation ahead of key votes Obamas to break ground Tuesday on presidential center in Chicago A simple fix can bring revolutionary change to health spending MORE's Cabinet is that it resembles the praise given to President-elect George W. Bush's appointments in 2000, according to several bloggers. Obama's suggestion Tuesday that he'll go through the federal budget "line by line" has the potential of hurting Republicans, according to Obama's blogging backers. And Sen. Susan CollinsSusan Margaret CollinsDo progressives prefer Trump to compromise? Looking to the past to secure America's clean energy future Collins to endorse LePage in Maine governor comeback bid MORE's (R-Maine) complaints about Democratic campaigning is dismissed by bloggers on both sides.

The Bush administration, which started out with a Cabinet thought to be experienced and talented, is evidence that the president and not the personnel is what matters, writes Ezra Klein. The establishment, which has been lauding Obama's economic team, forgets that its members had a role in the economic meltdown, writes Glenn Greenwald. But Obama's economic advisers, particularly former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, are much better and have much more stature than the economic team Bush started with, notes economist Megan McArdle.

If Obama follows through on his promise to go through the federal budget "line by line," he'll do what Republicans only talk about and will thus destroy the GOP's fiscal conservative brand, writes Andrew Sullivan. That promise, however, was one that aimed more at Wall Street than at Main Street, which could use a massive stimulus package, writes Taylor Marsh.

While Collins said she still feels resentment toward Democratic senators who campaigned against her, her feelings won't change much since she votes with Republicans nearly all the time, writes Publius at Obsidian Wings. QandO's McQ is also skeptical that Collins will change her ways; the conservative blogger thinks that Collins will continue to buck the GOP line on votes crucial to conservatives.

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