Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's (R) counterpunch at the anonymous John McCainJohn Sidney McCain Senate outlook slides for GOP Juan Williams: Time for boldness from Biden Democrats lead in three battleground Senate races: poll MORE aides who have maligned her in the media gets mixed reactions from bloggers on the left and right, while liberals question Sen. Norm Coleman's (R-Minn.) attempt to stop some absentee votes from being counted in his narrow reelection race.

Palin has slammed the aides who have slammed her, Ann Althouse declares after Palin told reporters Friday that the anonymous aides are "jerks," and that allegations that Palin didn't know Africa was a continent or the members of NAFTA were "cruel" and "mean-spirited." Palin finally got something right by calling the aides out for what they are, AMERICAblog's Joe Sudbay declares, while Political Animal's Steve Benen says it was a mistake for Palin to keep the story in the news. And it seems everyone is out to get Palin, Hot Air's Allahpundit suggests, citing rumors that several McCain aides, in addition to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's (R) campaign, could have made the allegations.

Coleman is out for a repeat of the 2000 presidential election, TalkingPointsMemo's Josh Marshall decides after news that Coleman filed an injunction to stop the counting of 32 absentee ballots in Minneapolis. Open Left's Matt Stoller says Coleman's injunction proves Republicans don't care about Democracy, while Power Line's Scott Hinderaker thinks Democrat Al FrankenAlan (Al) Stuart FrankenPolitical world mourns loss of comedian Jerry Stiller Maher to Tara Reade on timing of sexual assault allegation: 'Why wait until Biden is our only hope?' Democrats begin to confront Biden allegations MORE's campaign could be trying to influence the vote-counting process.

And Anchorage Mayer Mark BegichMark Peter BegichAlaska political mess has legislators divided over meeting place Former GOP chairman Royce joins lobbying shop Lobbying world MORE (D) could surpass incumbent Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) as votes are counted in their narrow race, Nate Silver predicts at FiveThirtyEight. Stevens leads by 3,200 votes as ballots are still being counted, and Silver says Begich's lead among early voters could help him as those ballots are counted.

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