John McCainJohn Sidney McCainCrenshaw looms large as Democrats look to flip Texas House seat Analysis: Biden victory, Democratic sweep would bring biggest boost to economy The Memo: Trump's strengths complicate election picture MORE's backers still see a path to victory. Some national polls have tightened slightly in recent days, which puts the Republican in position to pull off an upset, according to conservative bloggers. But one respected poll portends a Democratic landslide and prompts one liberal blogger to declare the race all but over.

Ever since McCain and Joe the Plumber have revealed Obama's socialist sympathies, polls by Zogby, Investor's Business Daily and Gallup have been showing a closer race, according to Contentions' Abe Greenwald. The Stump's Noam Scheiber, an Obama backer wary of calling the race, suggests that McCain is gaining traction because of his attacks on Obama as a redistributionist and because Obama may have made his closing argument too early.

Mike Duhaime, McCain's political director, says he's optimistic because some national polls have his candidate within the margin of error and because undecided voters have yet to go for Obama despite his huge spending advantage, reports The Caucus's Michael Cooper. For McCain to win, he needs to close to within a two or three percentage points in the national polls and then hope that the electoral map works in his favor on Election Day, writes The Corner's Rich Lowry.

But a new Pew Research Center poll shows 53 percent to 38 percent lead for Obama among likely voters. Pew's survey, which has a strong reputation, also shows that more of Obama's support is considered "strong" than McCain's, which suggests that Obama will have an easier time turning support into actual votes, writes Daily Kos's DemFromCT. The Plank's John B. Judis said that it's time to start popping the champagne corks since Obama is ahead among two bellwether groups, non-Hispanic Catholics and white college graduates.

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