Polls have liberal bloggers cheering that Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaBiden calls for unity, jabs at Trump in campaign launch Several factors have hindered 'next up' presidential candidates in recent years Lewandowski: Why Joe Biden won't make it to the White House — again MORE won the first presidential debate on Friday, while others debate whether Obama distorted former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's stance on Iran.

Obama won in the eyes of TV viewers, Daily Kos's DemFromCT proclaims, noting that a CBS poll gave Obama a 15 percentage point advantage. Last night's foreign policy focus should have favored John McCain, DemfromCT argues, which makes the blogger even more pleased with the poll results. A CNN survey gave Obama a similar edge, Andrew Sullivan notes at The Daily Dish, while FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver decides Obama won with voters because he came across as more in touch with their needs and problems.

But neither candidate scored a knockout punch, Townhall.com's Carol Platt Liebau asserts on the right. Hot Air's Ed Morrissey agrees, saying it's hard to tell whether any moments of the debate will resonate with voters in the long run.

When Obama asserted that Kissinger, a McCain adviser, advocated meeting with Iran without preconditions, he failed to mention that Kissinger does not support such meetings to happen at the presidential level, Marc Ambinder points out. Obama and McCain debated Kissinger's stance, but according to The Huffington Post's Robert Naiman, Obama was right, and foreign policy experts including Kissinger do not share McCain's support for preconditions. Kissinger himself, The Next Right's Warner Todd Huston notes, says Obama was wrong about his stance on Iran.

And the Wall Street bailout plan still being negotiated in Congress will do nothing to address the worldwide impact of the U.S. financial crisis, William Kristol argues in a post at The Weekly Standard. If Congress wants to address the ripple effects of the collapse, it needs to beef up the FDIC's authority and grant the Treasury unlimited authority to protect money market funds, Kristol says.

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