The flow of oil hasn't been stopped by British Petroleum's latest attempt to plug the gushing well. 

The "top kill" operation doesn't appear to be working yet and BP is planning its next move, chief operating officer Doug Suttles said Saturday. 

"I don't think the amount of oil coming out has changed," he said. "Just by watching it, we don't believe it's changed." 

BP engineers have tried several different ways to stem the flow of the well, which is a mile under the surface. Millions of gallons of oil have poured into the Gulf of Mexico's waters since the rig blew up and sank April 20, killing 11 employees. 

The next option is called the lower-marine-riser package cap, in which an underwater robot uses a saw to cut the leaking pipe and put a cap over it. 

"If we have to go to it, we can do it as quickly as possible," Suttles said.