No other gods before card check – Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
The world through Cheney’s eyes – S. Ackerman, Wash. Independent
Swine flu politics – DougJ, Balloon Juice
Does Mark Levin know? – David Frum, New Majority
Another way to axe short sellers – Equity Private, Dealbreaker
Wish him well – Mark Steyn, The Corner
The Mike Teavee party – Christopher Orr, The Plank
Getting there, slowly – Jennifer Rubin, contentions
Koh to testify today – Brian Beutler, TPMDC
Obama getting a pass for NYC flyover? – N. Sheppard, Newsbusters
The GOP’s base problem – kos, Daily Kos
The Russians are coming! – Owen Graham, The Foundry
Let history happen – Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Blog
Judd Gregg needs a history lesson – Steve Benen, Political Animal
Mexico and swine fluEzra Klein

Feingold gives Obama high marks, except on secrecyThe Hill
Chrysler debt deal may avert bankruptcyNew York Times
A fierce outbreak of coverageWashington Post
U.S. control of GM would sow conflictsWall Street Journal

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