Pelosi on Giffords visit, healthcare repeal

The House Democratic leader sat down with Wolf Blitzer to discuss her recent visit to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords's (D-Ariz.) bedside. The CNN Political Ticker recaps her remarks on Giffords and on the House vote to repeal March's healthcare overhaul.

Christina Romer's clever op-ed

Romer, one of the president's fiscal advisers, has several suggestions on how to manage the economy going forward.  Matt Yglesias says she's essentially telling Obama to "double-down on the progressive agenda" and "define [it] as the key to deficit control."

Illinois ridiculed by peers, poked to see if jobs come out
Illinois tax rates are doing nothing to help the state's broken business climate, argues Josh Brokaw for Reason. See his "Hit and Run" post for a comparison between Illinois and its neighbors.


With Conrad's retirement, GOP eyes possibility of 2012 Senate pick-up

Sen. Kent Conrad (D) announced Tuesday morning that he will not run again because he did not want to be "distracted" by a campaign. The Hill's Sean Miller looks at an increasingly complicated field in North Dakota.

Democratic power broker has Christie's ear

"We talk a lot … a lot," says Joseph N. DiVincenzo Jr., a Democrat, of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R).  The New York Times describes the role that DiVincenzo, the executive in Essex County, has come to play in the state.

Joe Lieberman to retire in 2010

The Connecticut senator has served four terms and is expected to formally announce his decision on Wednesday in Stamford. Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post forecasts the state's likely 2012 primaries.