A defund/delay compromise for Republicans
Sean Davis at The Federalist has a potential out for Republicans struggling to unify behind a fiscal battle strategy.

House GOP unifies over defunding ObamaCare
Caitlin Huey-Burns at RealClearPolitics says House Republicans are in it together in the budget showdown and committed to taking down ObamaCare.

Republicans courting doom over debt ceiling fight
Julian Zelizer at CNN says the Republican debt-ceiling strategy is set to backfire.

President’s setbacks accumulating
Jill Lawrence at the National Journal counts the ways Obama has damaged his presidency.


Assad vows to destroy his chemical weapons
The White House will believe it when it sees it, Jonathan Easley at The Hill reports.

Boehner bows to conservative demands on ObamaCare funding
Russell Berman and Erik Wasson at The Hill report on the Speaker’s decision to cast his lot with Tea Party conservatives.