All reporters rise for Obama? – Tim Graham, Newsbusters
GOP headed back to the future? – P.M. Carpenter, BuzzFlash
Pakistan strategy? Just leave already – Nick Gillespie, Hit & Run
Obama a better Churchill than Churchill? – W.T. Huston, RedState
Did Obama obscure the banks’ crash? – Dean Baker, Beat the Press
Unreasonable praise for a bad law – TChris, TalkLeft
The ‘mobilization to end poverty’ – R. Messmore, The Foundry
The latest on Pa.-SenSenate Guru
How to do cap-and-tradeClive Crook
Sestak on Specter and party-building – Lucas O’Connor, MyDD
Political correctness is torture – Andrew Breitbart, Big Hollywood
Our modern Soma – Morgan Freeberg, Right Wing News
Sunshine patriots – digby, Hullabaloo
On Kemp – David Frum, New Majority
Accountability and responsibility – Mary, The Left Coaster

Baucus bill portends Dem fight over CubaThe Hill
Test of banks may bring more hope than fearNew York Times
Options for U.S. in Pakistan are limitedWashington Post
Clock begins to run on Chrysler’s futureDetroit Free Press

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