There’s nothing Ted Cruz can do to stop ObamaCare
Ted Cruz and his GOP allies are headed for defeat in the effort to defund ObamaCare, writes Brian Beutler at Salon.

Cruz and Paul are the future of the GOP
Nick Gillespie at The Daily Beast says the party is transitioning from the old guard to the new.

Ted Cruz and the power of conviction
David French at the National Review says Cruz’s conviction is what the country needs right now.

Wendy Davis’s stand was far greater than Cruz’s
Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog writes about the differences between the two recent filibusters.


Congress down to one-week CR
The latest gambit to avoid a shutdown will only do so for a week, reports Alexander Bolton at The Hill.

Top spook asks public to back him up
The director of the National Security Agency is asking for public help in defending his agency’s powers, writes Brendan Sasso at The Hill.