Clinton hosts McAuliffe

Hillary Clinton hosted a fundraiser Monday night for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe (D), CNN reports.

ObamaCare’s inception colors its opposition today

Michael Barone in Real Clear Politics explains that opposition to ObamaCare and the battles it has bred all spawned from the way in which it passed in 2010.

Shutdown vs. debt ceiling

Matthew Yglesias at Slate reminds people that the debt ceiling debate is the real budget battle to fear.

Voter ID challenged in NC

NPR reports that the Justice Department filed a lawsuit Monday challenging North Carolina’s voter identification law.


Clinton programming canceled 

NBC and CNN on Monday canceled planned productions about Hillary Clinton to the delight of the Republican National Committee, The Hill’s Rebecca Shabad reports.

Health exchanges open

The healthcare insurance exchanges mandated by ObamaCare are set to launch Tuesday amid budget battles, Sam Baker of The Hill reports.