Newsweek predicted Ted Cruz’s rise

In 1999, the Huffington Post reports, the magazine wrote a cover story about young Hispanics changing America. The freshman senator was among those profiled for the story as someone to watch. 

@NatSecWonk accused official of Stuxnet leak

The now-fired White House National Security Council staffer Jofi Joseph had accused Deputy National Security Adviser for Communications Ben Rhodes of leaking Stuxnet—classified information about U.S. operations against Iran. The Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin reports

Rogue state: Israel?

Foreign Policy’s Uri Sadot writes Israel probably won’t ask for the United States’ permission to strike Iran if its government decides to do so. 

Federal workers may receive backpay Thursday

The Washington Post reports IRS employees and those who work for Customs and Border Protection may receive their pay Thursday, which had been delayed because of the government shutdown. 


White House denies Durbin claim

The Hill’s Justin Sink reports the White House denies a claim by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) in which he accused an GOP House leader of saying “I cannot even stand to you at you,” to President Obama. 

Boehner not worried about 2014

The House speaker predicts the GOP is “going to be fine” in next year’s midterms elections despite recent polls showing Republicans’ low approval ratings. The Hill’s Alexandra Jaffe reports