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Liberal bloggers push back against Democrats in Congress pressing President-elect Barack Obama to do more about the economic crisis. One blogger’s suggestion that it’s time to make the District of Columbia a state splits bloggers on both sides. But the blogosphere comes together to dismiss lawsuits over Obama’s eligibility for the presidency.

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and other Democrats have suggested that Obama hasn’t been assertive enough in his support of the auto bailout. But Obama isn’t even president yet and deserves more time, writes Awesome Blog’s Lee Stranahan, who wonders whether other presidents-elect have been as active as Obama has been. Even as president-elect, Obama doesn’t have more legal power than a regular citizen, notes Balkinization’s Sandy Levinson.

By making the District of Columbia a state, Congress would uphold the basic idea that citizens should be allowed to vote and be represented, writes Matthew Yglesias. But kos wonders why no one’s talking about having most of the District annexed by either Maryland or Virginia. Making the District a state would violate serious principles, since it’s just a tiny city that has fewer residents than every state except for Vermont, writes James Joyner at Outside the Beltway.

The “truthers” on the right who are agitating for courts to consider whether Obama was really born in the United States are just like the conspiracists who wondered whether Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) is really the mother of her newborn, writes Michelle Malkin. The fringe lawsuits are part of the new American tradition of trying to overturn presidential results by any means necessary, writes Dave Weigel at Slate.

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