The federal government's approval of $306 billion in loans and securities to assist troubled Citigroup finds skepticism among bloggers on the left and right. Democrats, meanwhile, are applauded by liberals for planning a hefty economic stimulus package.

Citigroup is now running exclusively on "taxpayer-funded life support," RedState's blackhedd declares, surmising that taxpayers have essentially acquired the troubled bank. And the Citigroup rescue is a slap in the face to Detroit, emptywheel protests, as lawmakers have hesitated to approve a $25 billion in assistance for the Big Three.

News that Democrats' proposed stimulus could hit $700 billion encourages Political Animal's Steve Benen, who takes the potential pricetag as a sign that Democrats are taking the economic crisis seriously. A $1 trillion stimulus might be a better target as Dems work on their plan, writes The Jed Report's Jed Lewison, proposing that average Americans need some bailing out of their own.

Different outcomes for Minnesota's undecided Senate race, meanwhile, are predicted by conservatives. Democrats could overturn a victory for Sen. Norm Coleman (R) by convincing courts to count rejected absentee ballots, Power Line's Scott Johnson suggests, while's Hugh Hewitt predicts Coleman will hold on to defeat Democrat Al FrankenAlan (Al) Stuart FrankenTina Smith wins Democratic Senate primary in Minnesota Poll: Tina Smith's lead over probable GOP challenger within margin of error in Minnesota Senate race CNN publishes first Al Franken op-ed since resignation MORE after election officials finish recounting votes.

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