The report of a mutilation of a John McCain volunteer sounds fishy to bloggers on all sides. But if it's true, it's far worse than anything that McCain supporters have done to Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaObama: Republican Party members believe 'white males are victims' Texas warehouse where migrants housed in 'cages' closed for humane renovation North Carolina — still purple but up for grabs MORE, conservative bloggers write. While most of the latest polls show McCain on the ropes, conservative bloggers say that it's not yet time to look past him.

The volunteer, Ashley Todd, 20, said she was at an ATM when she was attacked by black man, who carved a 'B' into her cheek, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. But not only do Todd's statements conflict with the evidence, the 'B' in her cheek is written backwards, as if it was done using a mirror, writes Michelle Malkin, who is skeptical of the story. The press should calm down in its coverage of the story, since occasional violence with political ramifications will occur on both sides, writes Andrew Sullivan.

If the report is true, the actual violence is worse than the verbal abuse by Republicans toward Democrats that the press has "cooked up," writes RedState's Erick Erickson. Though the beating was political, it's unfair to conclude something about Obama supporters based on the actions of one nut, writes Hot Air's Ed Morrissey.

In the campaign, McCain is on life support, as the latest state polls show him behind in his must-win states of Pennsylvania, Florida and Indiana, writes FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver. But conservatives who are already looking to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as the Republicans' future leader forget that losing vice presidential nominees often don't amount to much, writes Townhall's Michael Medved. Though many polls and pundits are pointing to an Obama victory, McCain still has a chance because voters don't like to be bullied, writes Power Line's John Hinderaker.

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