Blogs are trying to process what yesterday's hearings on Iraq means for the U.S. military presence there and the presidential race.

Marc Ambinder recaps the political news of the hearings, noting that all three presidential candidates stuck to their main themes. Democrats, and a few Republicans, tried to pry more specific predictions from Gen. David Petraeus. Ambinder writes that while Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonThe Hill's Morning Report - Crunch time arrives for 2020 Dems with debates on deck The Memo: All eyes on faltering Biden ahead of first debate Trump says he's not prepared to lose in 2020 MORE was "senatorial" with concern about talks between the White House and Iraq over a legal agreement to keep American troops in Baghdad, Obama called for meeting with Iran and was more focused on an "end-game".

Liberals keep after John McCainJohn Sidney McCainVeterans group to hand out USS John McCain T-shirts for July 4 on the National Mall Will we ever have another veteran as president? Meghan McCain clashes with Joy Behar as the 'sacrificial Republican' on 'The View' MORE for his "100 years" comment. Conservatives are taking issue with Democrats' unyielding opposition to the surge. Josh Marshall writes that Republicans are scared, as he thinks they should be, of McCain's comment that troops could be kept in Iraq for a century. Marshall argues that few would still agree with his statement even when told that McCain thinks it's okay to keep troops there as long as casualties are prevented. Hot Air links to video of Sen. Joe Lieberman's (I-Conn.) statement that critics of the surge refuse to see progress even in the face of facts presented by Gen. David Petraeus. And Michael Ledeen at The Corner has little praise for both Democrats and Republicans who fail to talk much about the growing influence of Iran in Iraq, something Petraeus and Amb. Ryan Crocker warned about in their remarks.

Aside from Iraq, conservative blogs are calling out the Democratic presidential candidates for opposing free trade. Pejman Yousefzadeh at RedState writes that advisers to both Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaBiden, Eastland and rejecting the cult of civility Biden lays out immigration priorities, rips Trump for 'assault on dignity' Democrats not keen to reignite Jerusalem embassy fight MORE and Clinton have cited facts to show support for an expansion of free trade, while the candidates themselves oppose such trade positions. That makes Yousefzadeh wonder if the senators are "reality-based."

Looking at the Democratic nomination race, Jonathan Singer at MyDD has the latest poll numbers in Pennsylvania, which differ wildly, but all point to Clinton leading Obama. Some show just a slight edge. Although one reputable poll has her lead at 18 points, prompting Singer to ask whether that's an "outlier" in a race that's tightening or the start of a trend toward Clinton.

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