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Avenatti lists the three things he thinks will doom any 2020 Dem

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing adult-film star Stormy Daniels in her suit against President Trump who has floated challenging the president in 2020, on Friday listed the things he think would doom a Democratic White House hopeful. 

"If any of these three things are true of the Dem nominee, the Dems will lose the WH against Trump in 2020 (if economy holds): 1) not aggressive and a fighter; 2) cannot hold a debate stage with Trump; 3) has called for the elimination of ICE (as opposed to changing [how] ICE works)," he tweeted Friday. 

Avenatti has already touted that he embodies those three qualifications. He's long vowed to fight Trump tooth-and-nail, telling a group of Iowa Democrats earlier this year, "When they go low, I say we fight harder." 

Should Avenatti run, he would likely face a crowded Democratic field filled with high-profile politicians who have staked out policy positions, such as abolishing ICE, that are more in line with the progressive wing of the party.

"I'm still strongly considering it, and every time I take one of these trips and every time I'm back with an enthusiastic crowd and scores of people ask me to run, I get closer and closer to making the decision to do it," Avenatti told The Hill last month as he traveled the country.

"It gives me a lot of enthusiasm for potentially doing this, and the idea that I could succeed at it. This election isn't going to be decided in the Acela corridor or inside the Beltway, the primary's going to be decided by rank-and-file Democrats and people that I'm meeting all over the country."