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Cardi B downplays Sanders heart attack: It's not 'a problem'

Rapper Cardi B is downplaying Sen. Bernie Sanders's (I-Vt.) recent heart attack, saying she does not think it is "a problem" for the 2020 Democratic hopeful.

The artist defended the presidential candidate in an interview with Vogue that was published last week, saying she's "always liked him" and it is "crazy" for people to describe the senator as a "scrawny old man."

"It's a little tricky now that he's had the heart attack because people have been trying to paint Bernie as, like, this little scrawny old man, which is crazy," Cardi B said. "When I met him he was actually pretty strong and very tall - he's six one."

"I don't feel like because he had a heart attack it's a problem," she added "I have asthma. If I have an asthma attack, is my career over? I don't like that."

Cardi B described the Vermont senator as "very passionate" and a "natural humanitarian." 

She also expressed her support of Sanders's plans for free health insurance and free education. 

"Those are the things that I see in my neighborhood, how minorities get treated and the things that we see in the news," she told Vogue. "I'm sick of it. When are things going to change?"

Sanders suffered a heart attack earlier this month, causing him to postpone all campaign events until further notice. His attack has led to some questions about whether his age and health would impede his ability to serve in the White House.