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Washington man says canvassing city council candidate saved life

A Washington state man says a canvassing candidate for the Vancouver City Council saved his life Saturday.

David Regan, the candidate, was speaking to Cora Ann Davis, 80, at her door when they heard her husband Bill Davis call for help after falling, television station KGW8 reported.

The two ran to help Bill Davis, 90, who was "bleeding out in the bedroom," according to a Facebook post from Regan.

"There was a huge puddle of blood on the floor and my heart sank," Regan told KGW8. "I thought, we have to stop the bleeding and call 911."

The candidate then worked to stop the bleeding by wrapping Bill Davis's head in gauze and applying pressure, according to the Facebook post. Emergency personnel arrived within five minutes.

"That was the longest three to five minutes of my life," Regan told The Hill.

Bill Davis, who received five staples from the accident, told KGW8 that Regan's actions "saved my life."

Regan called the situation a "divine miracle" and that he feels like he has "adopted grandparents" now.


"I was fortunate that the Lord put me at the right place at the right time," Regan wrote in another Facebook post. "I thought I was door knocking, but He set me up to save a man's life."


"It's one of the craziest stories that any candidate has ever heard of or been involved in," he told The Hill.

Regan, a bail bondsman, will face incumbent Ty Stober in the city council race, The Columbian reported.