Mayor of Rome condemns 'shameful' Greta Thunberg effigy hung from bridge
© Greg Nash

The mayor of Rome has condemned a "shameful" effigy of climate activist Greta Thunberg discovered hanging off a bridge near the city's airport on Monday.

Mayor Virginia Raggi voiced her solidarity with Thunberg and her family in a tweet.

“Our climate commitment does not stop,” the tweet read, according to a translation from the tabloid The Sun.

The dummy had pigtails like Thunberg and a sign that said "Greta Is Your God!" ABC's Virginia station WSET reported. 


Firefighters and local police have since removed the effigy, according to la Repubblica and WSET. 

Thunberg has gained international attention as she has advocated for government leaders to take stronger action against climate change. She criticized world leaders at the United Nations last month for dragging their feet, saying the crisis requires quick work. 

An Iowan teacher was placed on leave last week after posting on Facebook that he did not have his "sniper rifle" ready in response to Thunberg visiting Iowa City.