Trump touts new factories after W.Va. rally
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President Trump touted early Friday morning a pair of large new plants scheduled to be built in the U.S., calling them “a great investment in American manufacturing.”

Trump’s tweets applauding the ventures come as Mazda and Toyota are set to announce a facility — operational by 2021 — with the capacity to produce 300,000 vehicles annually.

The Japanese automakers, which have not announced exactly where the new factory would be built, would reportedly share the new facility equally.

Trump said Tuesday that electronics maker Foxconn’s CEO had told him privately the company may invest as much as $30 billion in U.S. manufacturing, three times what has been announced publicly.


The White House has sought to keep focus on the economy amid its struggles to pass major legislation or escape the shadow of ongoing investigations into 2016 Russian interference in the presidential election.

Trump’s tweets were sent hours before the Labor Department is set to release its monthly jobs report, and the morning after the president held a campaign-style rally in West Virginia, during which he said that “there were no Russians in our campaign.”