Multiple German officials publicly praised medical students who protested against an anti-vaccine rally outside a Dresden hospital on Thursday, The Associated Press reports.

The students reportedly “held a silent vigil” in response to the crowd of vaccine skeptics, holding signs in support of measures against COVID-19.

Some of the medical students allegedly face fines after being accused by police of breaking COVID-19 restrictions.


Saxony police have been criticized multiple times before for allowing far-right protests to continue despite a lack of following COVID-19 measures.

Gov. Michael Kretschmer of Saxony tweeted, “A clear and important statement from the @Medizin_TUD students. Thank you! You experience every day that the problem is not measures against the virus, but the virus itself.”

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach also weighed in on the situation, telling reporters that the students and their trust in the vaccine had his “emphatic support.” He added that reports of fines against the student groups were “disturbing,” but did not provide any further information.

German doctors association Marburger Bund addressed police interaction with the student protests, complaining that the vigil was interrupted “without any obvious reason.” The group also expressed its own support for the ideas of the medical students.