Democrats trumpeted on Wednesday what they saw as good news in a just-released poll.

A Democratic National Committee (DNC) memo seizes on a new Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday afternoon to argue that more voters are optimistic on the president's handling of the United States, while also arguing that "the Republican strategy of obstruction and gridlock is beginning to backfire as the economy improves."

The poll shows an improvement in President Barack Obama's overall approval rating to a 48-43 percent approve/disapprove rating, and a reversal in previous trends on which party voters prefer in a generic ballot matchup.

42 percent said they would support a Democratic candidate for Congress, while 36 said they'd back a Republican, reversing the 44-39 percent tally Republicans had maintained in a March 24th poll.

Democrats in particular highlighted points in the poll that they said showed voters believe Obama's policies have helped to create jobs, and pointed to the highest approval rating this year for the president on his creation of jobs.

The DNC memo also took stock in the 13-point margin Democrats enjoy over Republicans among women voters, as well as low approval ratings for the GOP.

The new Q-Poll, conducted May 19-24, has a 2.2 percent margin of error. You can find the results of the entire poll here.