Tea Party activists will descend upon Arizona this weekend to show their support for the state’s new immigration law with a "buycott" campaign to support state businesses.

The campaign aims to get people who support the law to come to the state this weekend to spend their money and support state businesses after opponents of the state's new immigration law have organized protests and boycotts of the state and its businesses.

St. Louis Tea Party leader Gina Loudon, founder of Buycott Arizona, said businesses in the state have been punished unfairly because of the boycotts.

"The whole idea is to spend money to offset the boycott," Loudon said.

The campaign expects thousands to attend a rally Saturday evening in Tempe, Ariz., where Loudon and other activists will speak.

The law requires police officers, when practicable, to investigate people they have reasonable suspicion of being in the country illegally. Opponents such as President Barack Obama have said the law could lead to racial profiling and discrimination.

Loudon, however, said the law will save officers’ lives while changing little, if at all, what officers already do to crack down on illegal immigrants.

“The racism card is typical propaganda to incite and drive wedges between groups, which is how liberals get their votes,” Loudon said.

Opponents of the law are also planning protests of their own on Saturday. Anti-law group leaders estimate tens of thousands of people will participate in a march in Phoenix in opposition to the law, according to the Arizona Republic.