Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said Sunday that damaging charges made against him on Saturday by a former close ally are "absolutely untrue."

Former Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Chairman Jim Greer, through his attorney, said that Crist approved of his plan to establish a shell company to enrich himself off party donations.

Greer was arrested this week on charges of defrauding his party through the scheme. 

Asked if the charges had any weight, Crist said they are "Absolutely untrue. You know, sometimes desperate people say desperate things and it's very sad."

Crist -- a former Republican now running for Senate as an independent -- hand-picked Greer to lead the RPOF as governor several years ago. Greer resigned in January amid allegations of corruption and dissension within the party.

Crist's opponents, especially Republican Marco Rubio, have seized on the allegations as evidence that Crist was also involved in corrupt activities. But Crist said that he had no inside knowledge of Greer's activity.

"What  I know about it is only what I have read in the newspapers," he said. "It's an unfortunate situation, it's very disappointing and sometimes people disappoint you and that's what's happened here."

Meanwhile, Rubio also faces a preliminary investigation whether or not he used a party credit card improperly. Democratic candidate Rep. Kendrick Meek faces questions over earmarks he pursued for a developer who faces criminal fraud charges.

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