White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton on Monday made a pointed comment about BP CEO Tony Hayward's attendance at a yacht race in Great Britain this weekend. 

"If Tony Hayward wants to put a skimmer on his yacht and bring it down to the Gulf, we're happy to have his help," he said at the daily press briefing. 

The company said over the weekend that Hayward was spending time with his family at the race. 

The embattled Hayward was replaced on Friday as the head of the response effort to the oil spill in the Gulf. The company tapped Managing Director Robert Dudley to head the effort. 

Republicans also took aim at President Barack Obama for playing golf this weekend amid the spill response. 

Burton said that Hayward stayed true to his word in getting his "life back," riffing on the executive's panned remark about wanting to return to his normal life. 

"It's clear that he has," Burton said. "But what's important for us is that the people of the Gulf get their lives back."