House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) chided the NRA for signing onto a Democratic-led campaign finance bill.

The top House Republican criticized the NRA for backing the Disclose Act, in a move Democrats said was an example of the GOP throwing a traditional ally in the NRA "under the bus."

"Now the NRA are the big defenders of the Second Amendment of the constitution, the right to bear arms," Boehner said in a House floor speech. "But yet they think it's all right to throw everybody else under the table so they can get a special deal, while requiring everyone else to comply with all the rules outlined in this bill, and frankly, I think it’s disappointing.”

Boehner was speaking about the Disclose Act, a campaign finance bill pushed by Democrats to counteract the impact of a Supreme Court decision freeing up corporate and union spending in elections. 

Republicans said that Boehner was only criticizing the NRA for cutting a backroom deal, which they say the gun-rights lobby did.

While the NRA has been traditionally supportive of gun-rights-friendly Republicans, the group also struck a deal with Democrats to exempt its activities from some of the bill's disclosure requirements, leading them to support the bill.