President Barack Obama will meet with several "grassroots leaders" at the White House on Monday to discuss immigration reform. 

The meeting was added to Obama's schedule on Monday afternoon. The White House did not release the names of the attendees before it started. 

Obama has urged Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation in the wake of Arizona's passage of a controversial law requiring state law enforcement to ask for identification from people they suspect are in the country illegally. 

But Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), one of the foremost proponents of comprehensive reform, said last week that Democrats do not yet have enough support to move the bill through Congress.

Some observers have said that moving a large item such as immigration reform could be very difficult with the midterm elections approaching. 

Most Republicans have said that they want the southern border secured from drug cartel-related violence before they take up legislation that would give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

The meeting also comes as the Obama administration is considering a lawsuit against Arizona for its immigration law, which they say could lead to ethnic discrimination against Latinos.