Democrats launched a new project on Tuesday to find the "Macaca moment" during this year's election cycle.

The Democratic National Committee's (DNC) research office will unveil "The Accountability Project" on Tuesday, an online clearinghouse of audio and video collected from campaign appearances by Republican lawmakers or candidates.

The project, headed up by DNC research director Shauna Daly, is being promoted as a first-of-its-kind effort to "hold Republicans accountable for misleading claims, lies and unseemly behavior," said DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse.

The project is, in part, an effort to replicate the kind of traction Democrats enjoyed against Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) in 2006, when his use of the epithet "macaca" against a Democratic operative filming a campaign event contributed to his eventual loss in his reelection bid.

Daly referenced the "Macaca" moment directly in her e-mail to launch the project, set to be sent on Tuesday.

"It was just one moment. Who knows what else is being said when the cameras aren't running?" she said. "We don't — but I sure wish we did.

"This project will enable folks to keep track of Republican candidates running for every office, up and down the ballot," Daly added.

Democrats will be pushing supporters to use the site immediately to have an impact not only on races this fall, but also on 2012's elections, by ensuring that no potential congressional or presidential candidates in two years are able to escape the threat of being caught on tape making controversial statements.

The site is born of controversial remarks by GOP candidates like Rand Paul in Kentucky, who suggested disagreement with the Civil Rights Act, and Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle, who said "Second Amendment remedies" might be needed for political problems.

The site is meant to be a resource for voters and the media, as well, going forward in the cycle.