Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), a former combat veteran and member of the House Armed Services Committee, on Saturday strongly condemned the statements about the war in Afghanistan made by the Republican National Chairman Michael Steele.

Hunter stopped short of calling for Steele’s resignation, but said that the “Republican party needs more than a fundraising figurehead,” Hunter said in a statement.

Steele is under intense fire for saying that the war in Afghanistan is a war of president Barack Obama’s choosing and that U.S. combat mission there is “unwinnable.” Steele has since been trying to backtrack on his statements.

"Michael Steele's irresponsible comments show him to be completely out of touch with the majority of the Republican Party,” Hunter said. "Time and again, Steele has demonstrated this disconnect.  His comments were not only tactless, but showed an unfortunate level of ignorance on such a significant national security issue.”

Hunter, a Marine who fought both in Iraq and Afghanistan, called Steele’s statements as a “disservice to our military men and women."