Bill Clinton: Romney’s father ‘turning over in grave’ at bailout opposition

Former President Clinton said Mitt Romney’s father “must be turning over in his grave” at his son’s opposition to the auto bailout.

Clinton used the tough language about Romney’s father, who served as Michigan’s governor and was a former CEO of American Motors, during an address Thursday to the United Auto Workers (UAW). 

“I think his daddy must be turning over in his grave,” Clinton said, according to the Detroit Free Press.

{mosads}Clinton also rejected the idea that Obama bailed out auto industry as a favor to the UAW, which supported him during the 2008 election. 
“What was the alternative? Abolish all pensions and ask you to work for the minimum wage?” Clinton said.

Democrats have been hitting Romney and the Republican presidential field over their opposition to the auto bailout, especially during the lead-up to the Republican presidential primary in Michigan, which Romney won on Tuesday.

While campaigning in Michigan, Romney and Rick Santorum both reiterated their opposition to the bailout. Romney said a managed bankruptcy would have been a better alternative that wouldn’t have left taxpayers on the hook.

Obama’s reelection campaign thinks it has a winning issue for the fall in the revival of the U.S. auto industry, and has been hitting Republicans for opposing the bailouts.     


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