The Democratic National Committee (DNC) kicked off its $50 million spending spree to drive voters to the polls for Democrats this fall. 

The DNC has transferred $2 million to the party’s House and Senate campaign committees, and to two state parties, as part of its Vote 2010 program. 

A Democratic Party official said the DNC’s next filing with the Federal Election Commission would show that it had transferred $666,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), $666,666 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), $333,333 to the Ohio Democratic Party, and $333,333 to the Florida Democratic Party. 


The spending is part of the party’s $50 million campaign dedicated to maintaining Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. About $20 million of that spending will be in the form of aid to the DSCC, DCCC and to governor’s races. $30 million will be allotted for direct spending by the DNC. 

The donations to Florida and Ohio are no accident, either. The two key swing states in presidential elections are playing host to major gubernatorial contests this fall. Incumbent Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D) hopes to snag reelection, while Democrat Alex Sink hopes to take over the governor’s mansion from Charlie Crist (I) in Florida. 

Democrats also trumpeted the beginning of their spending campaign as showing more signs of financial health than their Republican counterparts.

“While word out of the RNC is that they are cutting their budget for states and for races, the DNC has a plan to support candidates and campaigns and to turn out voters, and we are funding it in a very tough fundraising environment,” said the party official.