Two Republican senators announced Wednesday they will attempt to amend legislation to prevent the Obama administration from suing Arizona over its controversial immigration law. 

Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.) and David VitterDavid Bruce VitterBiden inaugural committee to refund former senator's donation due to foreign agent status Bottom line Lysol, Charmin keep new consumer brand group lobbyist busy during pandemic MORE (La.) said they would try to attach the language to small-business legislation set to be debated on the Senate floor next week. 


The two Republicans have been some of the most outspoken members of their conference against the lawsuit, which argues that the law violates the Constitution and threatens to create a patchwork of incongruent immigration standards through the country.

“States like Arizona shouldn’t be prosecuted for protecting their citizens when the federal government fails to do so,” said DeMint said in a statement. “The federal government is rewarding illegal behavior and encouraging many more to enter our nation illegally when they refuse to enforce our laws.”

The South Carolina senator added that President Obama “should get serious and stop holding border security hostage to pass amnesty and score points with his liberal base.”

Congressional Republicans and some Democrats from Arizona have said the lawsuit is the wrong way to approach the Arizona law and is a waste of taxpayer resources. 

“The Obama administration should not use taxpayers’ money to pay for these lawsuits that the American people overwhelmingly oppose,” said Vitter.

DeMint has tried several times to amend legislation to force the federal government to complete the fence along the southern border, but the language has not been included in any final bills.