Former President Clinton will meet with President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and a group of business leaders at the White House Wednesday to discuss job creation and investment in clean energy.

Clinton, who presided over the strong economy of the 1990s, saw the loss of Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate during his second year in office, a risk Obama faces. Polls show that Americans are losing confidence in Obama’s handling of the economy, and Republicans have criticized the administration for failing to create jobs.

The group of business leaders will include the CEOs of Bank of America and Honeywell, as well as representatives from Centerbridge Partners, an investment firm, and Ameresco, an energy services company.

The meeting, which will be closed to the press, is scheduled for 2:35 pm.

“The president looks forward to hearing the ideas of the group on ways to spur new investments in clean energy,” one White House official said.