The move comes two weeks after Strodel’s predecessor, Daniel Beard, resigned in the wake of an unfavorable Inspector General (IG) report on the House’s payroll and finance office, which is under the CAO’s supervision.

“Dan Strodel brings extensive institutional knowledge and leadership experience from decades on Capitol Hill to his position as Interim Chief Administrative Officer,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a statement. “In each office that he served … he has proven his strong management skills, which will be essential to running the key functions of the House in his new role.”


Rep. Dan Lungren (Calif.), the ranking Republican of the House Administration Committee, which provides oversight of the CAO, lauded Pelosi’s decision Thursday.

“As we prepare to transition into the 112th Congress, we must all work together to restore the integrity and functionality of the Office of the CAO,” said Lungren in a statement. “With that, we welcome Mr. Strodel’s appointment and stand ready to work with him.”

Strodel has served as the senior adviser to the administration panel on management issues and oversight of House operations. Committee chairman Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) heralded Strodel’s selection.

“Dan’s expertise extends to virtually every area of House operations and, during his career, he has been a highly regarded staffer in three of the House officer organizations,” said Brady in a statement.

“He has senior management and leadership experience, including human resources and financial management, and has fostered strong positive relationships with members and staff on both sides of the aisle. Dan will continue to emphasize our commitment to greening and sustainability, accountability, transparency and cybersecurity initiatives within the House.”

Beard’s negative review from the House IG office found an overall perception by House customers that problems exist within the CAO. It specifically found that staff at the office of payroll and benefits and office of financial counseling had a high degree of anxiety and low levels of morale.

Pelosi hand-picked Beard in 2007, much to the dismay of Republican leadership, which criticized many of Beard's undertakings and often suggested the office of the traditionally non-partisan CAO was serving Democratic interests more than Republican ones.

Pelosi said the office of the CAO would continue its normal operations under Strodel until a permanent CAO could be chosen.

Strodel has also worked in the office of the clerk, in both the House and Senate sergeant at arms offices, the U.S. Capitol Police and the office of the CAO. Pelosi’s office said she plans to swear Strodel in on the House floor Thursday afternoon.