An "emergency plan" crafted by the Pentagon would furlough civilian employees in the event that Congress does not approve a $59 billion wartime supplemental before August recess, says a statement released Friday. 

Active-duty servicemembers could face similar leaves as early as mid-September, noted undersecretary of the Navy Bob Work during a House Armed Services Committee hearing Thursday.

“Failure to pass the supplemental before the recess would essentially hamstring the department’s operations for the remainder of this year and significantly disrupt operations,” he said.

Representatives of the Army and the Defense Department also testified at the hearing.

The Senate approved a pared-down version of the House's July 1 supplemental Thursday night, rejecting a controversial $20 billion in domestic spending. Meanwhile White House threatened to veto the lower chamber's original version for channeling funds away from its "Race to the Top" initiative to prevent teacher layoffs. 

The revised measure now goes to the House for approval.