Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), who is known for his theatrics on the House floor, ripped Republicans Thursday night for voting against a healthcare bill for 9/11 respondents. 

The $4.7 billion aid legislation failed to pass the House Thursday night. Under House rules, it required a two-thirds vote to pass because it was placed on the suspension calendar, meaning that no amendments could be added. The procedure is usually used to pass non-controversial bills. 

Republicans objected to its placement on the suspension calendar, but Weiner accused Republicans of "wrapping their arms around Republicans, rather than doing the right thing."

Weiner became angered after his New York colleague, Rep. Pete King (R), a co-sponsor of the bill, asked him to yield his time. 

"The gentleman will observe regular order and will sit down," Weiner yelled, pointing at King. 

During the debate over the Democrats' massive healthcare reform legislation, Weiner took to the House floor multiple times in similar fashion to rail against Republicans. 

King later responded during a solo interview on Fox News.

“Anthony can rant and rave all he wants on the House floor, he did not answer one point that I made last night," he said. "I've done everything I possibly can. The fact is this should not be a partisan issue, I have been very, very critical of the Republican Party.

“The bottom line is the Democrats control the House and they pulled a procedural gimmick starting ten days ago, and they lost the nerve to bring it to the floor on a real vote," he added. 



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