Today is President Obama's 49th birthday, but more than a quarter of Americans aren't convinced he was born in the United States.

A CNN poll released today finds that 27 percent of Americans doubt Obama's citizenship. Eleven percent say Obama was definitely not born in the United States, while 16 percent say he was "probably" not born here.

Obama has released his certificate of live birth, though that didn't completely satisfy the doubters. The governor of Hawaii, among numerous fact-checking organizations, has verified publicly that Obama was born in Hawaii and has a valid birth certificate stored in the state's Department of Health.

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In a WABC interview before signing the legislation, [Gov. Linda] Lingle [R-Hawaii] said, "...I had my health director, who is a physician by background, go personally view the birth certificate in the birth records of the Department of Health." Lingle added, " … The president was in fact born at Kapi'olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. And that's just a fact."

"It's been established he was born here," the governor continued. "I can understand why people want to make certain that the constitutional requirement of being a, you know, natural born American citizen … but the question has been asked and answered. And I think just we should all move on now."