The GOPs most senior senator said on Wednesday that he's likely to seek another term in 2012, The Associated Press reported Thursday.

Six-term Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) said it's his intention to pursue another term when he's set to face voters again in two years.

"I suppose there will be a place and a time to do that, to rally the forces, to get the fundraisers going and all of that type of thing. But that's my intent day by day," Lugar said at an Indiana lunch, as reported by the AP. "Most people in the Senate know I will be around, therefore they have to deal with me on that basis."

Lugar has served in the Senate since being elected in 1976, and maintains relative popularity within Indiana. He's generally considered to be more of a centrist relative to other Senate Republicans, and enjoys a great deal of popularity in Hoosier country.

Lugar's desire to stay in the Senate could also hinge on how his party fares in this fall's elections, and how well-positioned it is to pick up seats in 2012. He would stand to become chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee if Republicans take back the Senate. Right now he serves as the committee's ranking member.