South Carolina Senate nominee Alvin Greene (D) insisted that he will remain in the race in an odd interview published Saturday.

Charlotte, N.C.-based WCNC posted a television interview of Greene at his Manning, S.C., home in which a reporter asks Greene if he will continue his campaign despite a felony obscenity charge against him.

"Yes, yes, yes," Greene responded.


When the reporter asked Greene "how can you do that?" the nominee replied "leave the property, go away. Go away."

As the reporter began to question Greene's brother on his front lawn, Greene could be heard shouting from inside the house, "No, go" in a wailing tone.

Greene, an unemployed military veteran who surprisingly won his party's primary to face heavily-favored Sen. Jim DeMint (R), has again faced mounting pressure to abandon his campaign. 

On Friday, a Richland County, S.C. jury indicted Greene on one felony charge for allegedly approaching a University of South Carolina student on campus, showing her pornographic photos online, and then discussing visiting her dorm. He was arrested for his alleged conduct in November.

Greene, who has a shoestring political operation, was pressed to drop his bid when he won the primary election over Charleston County Councilman Vic Rawl. 

Some Democrats even called for an investigation into the election results.