Democrats again used former President George W. Bush as a foe in their latest TV ad campaign, driving home the point that Republicans, if put back in control by voters, would restore policies that helped create the economic downturn.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) released a new cable ad Friday that harped on their campaign message that the November midterm elections will be a choice between Democratic policies that will bring the country out of the recession versus Republican policies that helped created it.

No Republican is used in the ad aside from Bush — who is shown saying "you can fool me but you can't get fooled again."

Debate has swirled around whether or not using Bush as a campaign foil will work for Democrats in the 2010 cycle, two years after Bush left office.

Republicans — especially those who worked in the Bush administration — have said it is a tired argument that will not resonate with voters.

But many Democrats counter that using Bush will give voters a clearer idea of what they are voting for if they back Republicans in the fall. The DNC said the ad will air on national cable networks.

A Democratic official who released the ad said that "the ad — 'Big Choices' — amplifies the choice voters are going to face this fall between Democrats who have pulled the country out of the ditch and Bush Republican-era policies which put us there."

The spot emphasizes that Democrats favor "investing" in manufacturing, education and a "clean energy" economy and want to put Main Street ahead of Wall Street.